Why Is My Shower Head Not Working?

Why is my shower head not working? Well, there are lots of reasons for a shower head not to work. But for now, we can tell you some basic reasons that most people face. Like, low water pressure in the shower head, a broken valve cartridge, build-up of mineral deposits, high water pressure, leakage in the pipes,  and many more.

Anyways, knowing about the reasons and symptoms of a faulty shower head is not enough for us. A guideline for solutions is very important. Luckily, this article has mentioned them for you.

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Why Is My Shower Head Not Working?

Most people say that, no water in the shower but sinks are fine. And some people have a complaint that the 3-way shower diverter valve not working. These all are connected to the malfunctioning of a shower head.

The above questions remain a mystery unless we find the reason. And those reasons are easy to know if we are affiliated with the symptoms that make a shower head not work.

You are here because you also want to find the reason why your shower head is not working. Well, the below concept can help you to know and identify the solutions.

When The Shower Valve Is Bad?

One of the most common reasons that is responsible for a shower head not working is a faulty shower valve. Or you can say a faulty valve cartridge.

What does a shower valve do? It controls the water temperature and water flow in a shower head. If that shower valve or the shower diverter not working properly, then you can’t expect a good flow and temperature of water in your shower head. At that time you may notice some symptoms. Like, the shower handle has got stuck, some grinding noises from the shower head, and so on.


If your shower valve is broken or has been bent it needs an immediate replacement. But before that, you must see if any sediment build-ups are there or not. If build-ups are the problem then you won’t need to replace your shower valve or cartridge.

When The Shower Head And Shower Arm Are Not Compatible?

No doubt, the compatibility of a shower head and a shower arm is an important fact for a shower head to work. You will see in the below traits that we have mentioned a shower head does not work when leakage occurs. And this leakage can be due to the incompatibility of a shower head and a shower arm.

The reason for the incompatibility can be the unmatched size of threads, old shower arm, etc. They result in water barely coming out of the shower head.


The solution is simple here. You just need to get a shower head that is compatible with your shower arm. And of course, the fitting should be perfect.

When The Pipe Becomes Clogged?

The shower head is mostly prone to hard water. And hard water has lots of mineral buildup like magnesium and calcium. This mineral will surely fall and accumulate under the water heater and internal surfaces of the pipe. As a result, water pressure will become lower which can also clog the pipes and make the shower head unable to work.


When it comes to a clogged shower head, the solution is always to clean the mineral build-ups from it. A mixture of vinegar and water can be a good cleaning solution. And if you don’t have vinegar you can also use baking soda.

When There Is A Leakage In the Water Tank?

Almost all of us have suffered from leaks in our pipes. It not only wastes water but also increases our expenses. This will either make water trickle or water not come out of the shower faucet. Don’t think the water leak is going to happen only in the water tank. Sometimes the water heater can also be prone to water lakes.


Whenever you see a leakage in your water tank, your first task is to seal the water tank properly. Just wrap Teflon tape around the shower arm 2 to 3 times. But if the calcium deposit is the reason for water leakage, you must replace the shower head with some particular parts. What the parts are going to be, you can know about them from your plumber.

When The Anode Rod Is Faulty?

There is a great part of the anode rod when it comes to the water heater. Its main task is to keep track of the oxidizing elements in the tank which can cause rust. If your anode rod is not good then the oxidizing elements will surely lead to rust and corrosion in the water tank.

The symptoms can be rusted color water or bad smelled water. If your anode rod is not good, your new shower head not working would be obvious.


Generally, anode rods thin down after a certain time, i.e. four years. And you must change your anode rod to maintain that span. The more you delay replacing it, the more your water heater will keep damaging. This step applies to those who have moderately hard water in their shower head.

When The Water Pressure Is Too High?

Like low water pressure, high water pressure can also be the reason for the malfunctioning of a shower head. Besides, high water pressure is dangerous for pipes which are caused by home water pressure. On the other hand, an unwanted shower setting can also be a reason for too much water pressure.


If your problem is the home water pressure, make sure you have set it to 80 pounds per square inch. When that doesn’t work, you have to call a plumber or install a new water pressure regulator.

If the improper shower setting is the problem, make sure you have fitted a visible knob.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to know if a shower head is clogged?

In normal times, water flows out in a specific direction. but when the shower head becomes clogged, water flows out in random directions. If you see that it means your shower head has calcium or mineral deposits inside.

Why does water not come out from a shower head?

When a shower head goes through mineral deposits or lime scale deposits, it fails to flow out water. Moreover, it creates a low pressure which is responsible for water not coming out.

Will vinegar damage the chrome shower head?

Sometimes cleaning with vinegar and water is necessary when the shower head becomes clogged with build-ups. But this solution is not good for the finishes done with brass, nickel, and chrome. Make sure that you use this solution as little as possible.

Final Thoughts

So far, we have known many reasons for the malfunctioning of the shower head. If anyone asks you why is my shower head not working, guide them. But there is still a suggestion for you. That is, keep a check on your shower head frequently.

For example, there is a certain duration for the anode rod pipe shower valve, etc to expire. To stay protected, change them at that particular time.

So this was all. Let us know through the comment section if you have transpired any situation beyond the above problems.

Thank you.

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