How To Switch Shower Head To Handheld?

How to switch shower head to handheld? To switch a shower head to a handheld, first, loosen the base of your old shower head. Then loosen the shower arm and take it off. Use Teflon tape before inserting it and tighten up the brackets and hose connections. At last, you have to cross-check the connections for zero leaks.

Well, these all tiny steps will seem a bit complicated now. Don’t worry, we have a step-by-step guide below which will tell you precisely what to do.

Now let us not beat around the bush anymore and get to our topic.

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How To Switch Shower Head To Handheld?

Handheld shower heads are also known as hand shower heads. They are one of the most convenient shower heads so far. You can take it in your hand and shower on your desired body parts. Also, it is great for reducing shower time and water as the water flow is perfect.

Now you must want to have a handheld shower head in your bathroom. Well, if you are planning on that, we can help you. All you need is to switch your shower head to a handheld. So let us see what we can do in that through some easy steps.

Step-By-Step Guide To Switching A Shower Head To Handheld

Before you start with the steps, place a towel first at the base of the tub. It is for safety. Because when you are replacing your shower head, some parts will get loose and fall and the wrench can also get dropped. This will cause a crack in the tub. That’s why, it is better to put a towel there.

Step 1: Use An Adjustable Wrench

Start with using an adjustable wrench to loosen the base of the shower head. Some shower heads do not have a flat section in their base and they are rounded. If your shower head is like that, go with adjustable pliers instead of the adjustable wrench.

Step 2: Spin The Wrench

While using the adjustable wrench spin it counterclockwise to loosen the base of the shower head. Make sure it supports the shower arm that comes out of the wall.

Step 3: Put A Rag On The Shower Arm

If you are planning to replace the shower head only, not the shower head and the shower arm, we have a suggestion for that too. It is true that the shower arm will loosen while taking off the shower head. In that case, you have to back up the shower arm with some adjustable pliers. Besides, putting a rag over the shower arm can prevent it from scratching.

Step 4: Use A Screwdriver To Loosen The Shower Arm

A screwdriver makes it effortless to lose a shower arm. And a pair of adjustable pliers will give leverage to that. Anyways, turn the screwdriver counterclockwise by making sure that the shower arm supports the wall with your other hand.

Step 5: Read the Instructions Properly

Now it is time to install the handheld shower. But don’t rush into that. Read the instructions first that come with the package. This will make you certain about different things. For which connections need Teflon tape, which hose’s end goes to the shower head, which end goes to the bracket, which is sealed by a rubber washer, etc.

Step 6: Installing The Handheld Shower Head

Usually, modern handheld shower heads come with a rubber washer between the shower head and the hose. This can be tightened by hand only. Also, you will get a neat design of a rubber gasket to stay tight on the shower arm.

Step 7: Work With The Plates

To make a tighter fit, you can bend the little tabs on the plate. You may get other plate designs too which use a set screw to secure the shower arm. If you don’t find any of these options in your handheld shower head, go with a bead of plumber’s putty. And make sure you press that against the shower wall and the plate.

Step 8: Clean The Old Threads Of Teflon Tape

If you are reusing your old shower arm, clean the threads left by the previous Teflon tape. Then apply the new Teflon tape to the longer side of your shower arm in a clockwise direction. This should make the threads facing towards yourself. Well, three to four wraps of the tape is sufficient. If possible, apply a thin layer of potable water-approved pipe sealant too.

Step 9: Insert The Shower Arm

Hopefully, you have the hole ready where you will be threading your shower arm. You can use your hands to tighten it up. Then snug up with some leverage and with your other hand give support to the shower arm at the wall.

Step 10: Tighten Up The Connections

If there is a rubber washer in the bracket, don’t use Teflon tape. Or else, the washer will get damaged. The good news is the orientation of the bracket will remain fine. You can simply adjust it by loosening the swivel ball joint and tightening it up in the same way.

The hose connection in your handheld shower head must have come with a rubber washer. In that case, it eliminates the need for Teflon tape.

Step 11: Check For Leaks

Don’t forget to give a check for leaks. See if the connections are loose or not. After checking the connections, search for damages in the rubber washer. A good rubber washer may also require Teflon tape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you switch shower heads?

Switching a shower head is super easy, especially if it is about switching with a handheld shower head. This shower head can easily replace tub spouts and any shower head.

Can I add a handheld shower head to my existing shower head?

No, you cannot add a handheld shower head to your existing shower head. But you can add it to your existing shower arm. You will need a handheld shower head that actually supports the process.

Do you need a diverter for a handheld shower head?

A diverter is needed when it is about running the handheld shower head and a shower head together. A three-setting shower diverter would work great in this.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, the above steps were a perfect guideline for us. So, those who don’t know how to switch shower head to handheld, must follow these steps. But it would be great if we could discuss the concept again in short.

If your shower arm is fine, don’t need to remove it. Or if you do so, seal its threads with Teflon tape. Also, bending the tabs on the plates will give a firmer fit. And hopefully, you know how the bracket and hose connection should be fitted.

So this was all. Let us know through comments if you have tried out the steps yet or not.

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