How To Get A Shower Head Off Without Tools?

How to get a shower head off without tools? Maybe we all know this answer. That is our hands. But sometimes our hands fail to give that force to get off the shower head. Don’t worry. You just need some lubricants or solutions to make the connection of the shower head loose. Also, we have more tricks that can work as substitutes for wrenches and pliers.

Who doesn’t want to do this plumbing task by themselves without any tools? If you are one of them, this article is for you. So let’s have a look now at this concept.

How To Get A Shower Head Off Without Tools?

Usually, we use an adjustable wrench to remove our shower heads. Besides, adjustable pliers and strap wrenches come in handy to do this task. But do you know that the removal process is possible without using any tool? If you are interested in trying a new way of getting off your shower head, don’t miss out on the steps below.

Prepare your Shower Head

To get a shower head off, you can’t directly jump into the removal. You need to make some preparations in advance.

Firstly, you have to shut off the water source and set the diverter. Well, setting up a diverter will prevent the mess caused by water flow everywhere when our task is done.

Prepare The Threads

Preparing the threads of a shower head is optional for the shower heads that are made to get off with hands. And you can’t avoid preparing the threads if you used to require a wrench for removal and now you want to do it with your hands.

There are lots of water-repellent oils that help in loosening the threads of a shower head. Like- cutting oil, penetrating oil, etc. On the other hand, lubricant, vinegar, and lime removal also work in preparing the threads. We will dig into them later.

Remove The Shower Head By Hand

This step is for those shower heads that are designed for removal by hand. If you have such a shower head, you won’t have to work with the threads, but simply remove the shower head with your hands.

Those who don’t want to take the hassle of using any tool to get a shower head off will use their hands. And that is what we are going to suggest to you first.

Since you are thinking of using your hands at the instinct, make sure to augment your hand power. In fact, modern shower heads now can be removed easily by hand. So when you will be getting off your shower head turn it counterclockwise. Put as much force as you can while turning it.

Use A Towel Or Rubber Gloves

Sometimes our hands fail to turn a shower head as they get slippery. In that case, you can use a hand towel over the shower head. And if you have rubber gloves, that would be the cherry on top. And yes, you will not need to use a towel if you are using rubber gloves.

Apply A Lubricant

The WD-40 spray lubricant is one of the best lubricants so far used to dissolve rust and scale. Spray it over the connections of your shower head and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Then the connections will become loose as the rust and scale have dissolved. And you can remove the shower head with your hands with a click.

Use White Vinegar

Like lubricants, white vinegar is also beneficial in dissolving rust. Take a plastic bag where you will need to pour a solution of white vinegar and water. Then wrap the plastic bag over your shower head and secure it so that every part gets submerged. Now let the bag be there for a couple of hours. Hopefully, the rusts have dissolved and you can take the plastic bag out. This will give you ease while turning your shower head by hand.

Apply A Lime Remover

As said before, dissolving the rust and mineral build-ups can help in loosening the connections. Thus, you can remove your shower head with your hands in no time. The using procedure of the lime remover is quite like the using procedure of lubricant. But it is never a bad idea to read the instructions first.

The instructions may suggest you apply it first and let it sit on the object for 20 minutes. Then you may have to scrub off the lime, calcium, and rust that the product has dissolved. Lastly, wipe out the shower head and turn it counterclockwise with your hands to get off.

Use A Belt

We all know a strap wrench is an effective tool for the removal of shower heads. But we have promised you to get off the shower head without using any shower head removal tool. But what if you get an alternative that can imitate a strap wrench? Well, that alternative is a belt. You can use any normal belt for the steps.

Step 1: Make The Direction According To The Belt

Buckle the belt with its end and tighten it where the direction of the belt goes.

Step 2: Make A Loop

There is a section where the shower head and the pipe are together. You need to make a loop of your belt there. Then you can twist the connector easily. Afterward, detach the felt where it is connected to the buckle.

Step 3: Pull The Belt

Lastly, you have to pull the belt. This will give you powerful contact with the shower head. If possible, use your wrist to wrap the belt and pull it. And make sure you are doing it counterclockwise so that it unscrews the threads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove a showerhead that is glued on?

To remove a shower head that is glued on, you must loosen its bonded site first. Do it as much as you can. Then soak your shower head in a glue solvent and unscrew the shower head. Lastly, rinse it with clean water and you are done.

How do you remove a shower head that won’t unscrew?

Start with switching off the water valve. Then get the grip of the fixture with an adjustable wrench and turn it clockwise. Then to unscrew, then it again, but counterclockwise. Now you can simply use your hands for the removal.

How do you remove a stuck shower head instead of vinegar?

No doubt, vinegar was a good option for dissolving rust and getting off a showerhead. However, if you don’t have vinegar, baking soda will do the job. To use it, you will need to mix some water until it forms a paste. Then apply the mixture to the connections of your shower head.

Final Thoughts

Now we all know how to get a shower head off without tools. Just keep some product that can dissolve rust, calcium, scale, etc. They are the main culprit for using tools to remove a shower head by making it stuck. Or else, we would have done it with our hands within a minute.

If you see that the mixture or the lubricant is not doing the job at the first attempt, apply it again. Hopefully, you won’t have to opt for any shower head removal tool if you follow our steps. Let us know through comments if the guideline was helpful to you or not.

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