Can You Use Your Shower Head For An Enema?

Can you use your shower head for an enema? No doubt, most people use shower heads for enemas. But, is this good? I won’t say yes or no at first glance. There are lots of reasons why a shower head is fine for an enema and why a shower head is not advisable for an enema.

Anyways, all we can say right now is to maintain your daily life in such a way that you won’t have to opt for an enema. Because rectal douching is something that is unhealthy for a human being.

Don’t get confused now. This article will tell you in an oriented way about shower heads and if they can be used as an enema.

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Can You Use Your Shower Head For An Enema

You must have heard about douching. It is a cleansing way where a tube-like substance is put in our vagina and water cleanses that part by coming with a pressure. And if you do that to cleanse your rectum that would be rectum douching.

The enema that comes with shower heads is often used for this rectal douching. Now our question is if using shower heads is safe for enemas or not.

The below traits can answer your question. Have a look below.

All About Enema

Most of us may not know what an enema actually is. Well, it is an injection of fluids to flush out the colon. You can say it stimulates the emptying of the bowel and cleanses it. People suffering from constipation usually apply this technique.

Using shower heads for eneenemas is not surprising at all. Nowadays, almost all modern shower heads come with a shower enema kit.

Enema Should Not Have Hot Water

Hot showers are amazing. In fact, our skin loves it at some particular times. But do you know that our colon area is not as strong as our normal skin? This is much more sensitive though. The same goes for the mucosal lining of the intestine. This part of our body cannot withstand the hot shower that our skin can do. that may burn the intestine.

Enema Can Be Effective Sometimes

Enema is indeed an effective idea to treat constipation. When you insert it into your colon area, it will cleanse the bowel. The only thing that you must keep in mind is that the water should be clean without any contamination or additives.

As said before, hot water is not applicable for enemas. But if it is lukewarm water then that would be fine. So insert a small amount unless the bowel gets cleaned. If necessary, repeat the process. Besides, the rectum is not sterile. So shower water tends to be cleaner than that.

Side Effects Of Shower Head Enema

Many doctors do not recommend using a shower head for enemas. However, the shower enema side effects lie in the pressure and temperature of the water.

The water pressure that a shower head holds is enough to reach much inside which can be problematic for our body parts. And of course, the high temperature of the water is another danger. You may burn your intestine without having any idea. Also, the water pressure is unpredictable sometimes.

Contaminated Water Is Risky In Enema

Well, these were the teasers for the reasons why shower heads are not advisable for enemas. The major concern is the contamination with tape water. We all agree that the water that comes from the shower head is hard. They are not as delicate as drinking water.

The possibility of additives and contamination is high in the water of the shower head. That’s why the majority of people deny using shower heads for enemas. But yes, if the water is free of contamination, there is no risk in using showerhead water for treating constipation.

Process Of Having Enema

Now that you have known that contamination-free water is suitable for an enema, it is also important to know how to give yourself an enema.

When you will be using the enema kit from your shower head, make sure you are inserting the enema tip 3 to 4 inches inside your rectum. Then you have to let the water flow inside your rectum by keeping the clamp open. You can adjust the flow rate by moving the clamp gently.

Healthy Ways To Avoid Rectal Douching

Don’t worry if you are restricted from using shower heads for enema, we can give you some suggestions to treat your unhealthy digestive system. Try to be physically active most of the time. Again, drinking enough water is a must.

Having a good amount of fibre intake is also beneficial. Mindful eating can be a saviour too. Last but not least, managing your stress level is always good for all problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you put water in your bum?

Putting water in our bum is also known as rectal douching. Here, water or a gentle solution is inserted in the bum through a tool like an enema which makes the bowel movement smoother. Or you can say, that putting water into the bum cleanses the rectum by removing all waste.

How much water is too much for an enema?

Normally the enema bag can hold two quarts of water. Sometimes it can be less than two quarts. But it is always advisable to stop the process when you feel uncomfortable. Well, going with 1 ½ quarts of water would be safer.

How to clean an enema bulb?

To clean the enema bulb, you have to first remove it from the nozzle. Then make a solution of water with vinegar or alcohol. Warm water would work best in this. Then simply let the bulb air dry.

Final Thoughts

Now a common question that was coming to us is- Can you use your shower head for an enema? Well, the answer is yes, only if the water from the shower head is plain and free from contaminants. But it would be best if you avoid using a shower head for enemas as most doctors forbid patients to use this technique. And we have already discussed the reasons for its restriction.

Lastly, we would say to follow the rules where you will not need to use the enema. Like drinking plenty of water, having physical movements, and so on.

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