Are Electric Shower Heads Safe?

Are electric shower heads safe? Electric shower heads have been designed in such a way that electricity cannot pass through the water. And that process goes smoothly if the electric shower head has been fitted properly.

If the situation is like that then electric shower heads are safe to use. But if the electric shower head is not installed properly that can be a major risk. In fact, water and electricity can get together at that time. Well, exposed wires or improper fittings are the main reason for the dangers of shower heads.

This article will tell you all about electric shower heads, their safety risks, and so on. Now let us not make any delay and get to the topic.

Are Electric Shower Heads Safe?

Before we jump into the concept, you have to first know what is the unique thing about the electric shower head compared to the normal shower head.

Other than that, there are safety issues, temperature issues, technical problems, and many more. But yes, electric shower heads are safe to use in specific terms like proper fitting. The below traits will tell you more about it.

About Electric Shower Heads

The term electric shower head has already identified us that it works through an electric element. If we think normally, the hot water should have been taken from the boiler. But in terms of the electric shower head, the case is different. It uses only cold water for supply. Then it heats the water with the help of the built-in heating device.

Safety In Electric Shower Heads

When it comes to electricity and water, the combination seems dangerous. Luckily, electric shower heads are not risky at all.

All you need to do is, install it perfectly and then you can stay tension-free. There is indeed an electric heating element where the electricity flows in an electric power head. But don’t worry that electric flow is not going to put you in any danger.

Sealed Unit In Electric Shower Heads

Another factor that assures the safety of electric shower heads is the sealed unit. The area where the electricity flows is completely sealed, which is why no electricity can pass out of the shower head.

Necessity Of Electric Showers

Electric showers are sometimes considered necessary, especially when hot water comes in short supply.

Working Process Of Electric Showers

Usually, electric showers work through an internal heating element. This element supplies the cold water with warm water while dispensing.

Don’t misunderstand thinking that the electric shower doesn’t work if its boiler does not work. Since the unit of the electric shower device comes separately, the boiler won’t affect the rest of the hot water. However, it is an energy-consuming device that requires around 1,460 kWh each year.

Improper Fit Of Electric Shower Heads Is Risky

It would be a myth if we say electric shower heads are safe even when we use them carelessly. As said before, a properly installed electric shower head is safe but an improperly installed electric shower head is not safe. So far we have seen that, electric shower heads lead to two problems, e.g. safety and temperature.

Safety Issues In Electric Shower Heads

Safety issues with the electric shower head represent electrical shocks when installed incorrectly. To avoid such risk, you must not install any single thing that is not certified. Also, remember that exposed wires can be risky. And if the wires are not properly grounded that can also be a problem. That can even lead to electric shower deaths.

Risk With Temperature Control

Temperature control is another significant matter of risk in electric shower heads. For instance, those who are not used to electric shower heads might suffer problems. Sometimes, when the water gets set too low, it might be because of excessive heating.

Moreover, the heat can take time to set, whereas some shower heads are sensitive to water flow. So overall, temperature control is a risky matter in terms of electric shower heads.

Problems In Electric Shower Heads

Although electric shower heads are not risky, if perfectly fitted they can lead to some problems. And those problems are the symptoms that tell us to replace our electric shower heads. Such as failure of thermal switches, blocked shower heads, build-up of limescale in heater tanks, kinked shower hoses, seasonality, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if water gets inside the electric shower?

when water gets inside the electric shower that can cause leakage. this can result in damage to the power fuse. at that time you must turn off the power fuse, call a plumber, or take professional health.

Can an electric shower kill you?

an electric shower will not kill you if you fit it perfectly. make sure the field unit in the electric shower has no wear or tear. unless the electricity mixes with water there is no danger.

Which shower head is not suitable for an electric shower?

Blocked shower heads are not a suitable choice for electric showers. This type of shower head usually has limescale inside which can stop the water flow. Moreover, filter shower heads can lead to clogging which is not a good thing.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about electric shower heads, their safety, and risks. Yet, if you have the question Are electric shower heads safe or not, the answer is yes. Electric shower heads are always safe if you install them perfectly.

So far, you must have understood that electric shower heads can be risky as well if you don’t follow the safety measures. Most importantly, you have to check out the connections and exposed wires.  And whenever you see any problematic symptoms, switch off the power fuse immediately.

We hope the discussion was helpful enough for you.

Thank you.

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