Is Using A Shower Head Douching?

Is using a shower head douching? Yes, using a shower head can be douching if you use it like a douche. Usually, a douche uses high pressure to get the solution inside the vagina to clean it. A shower head can also do the job of it if you position it like a douche.

Anyway, this topic does not seem as simple as you are thinking. There is a lot of debate going on that a showerhead cannot be douching. Because lots of things matter including the water pressure.

This article will tell you everything about shower heads, douching, and if a shower head can be used as douche.

Is Using A Shower Head Douching

Whether a shower head is douching or not, depends on the method of spraying it and water pressure. When you turn on a shower head, it will produce a mist or spray with water through some tiny jets. Now you must be thinking how it can douche. Read more to know.

All About Douching

Before we go to the root of this concept, we have to first know what douching is. Many of us may not be affiliated with this word.

Well, douching comes from the word douche. Douche represents washing or soaking something. Whereas, douching means washing and cleaning the inside area of the vagina. That can be with water or any solution.

Mostly the process of douching is executed to take care of personal hygiene and treat infections. People tend to douche themselves after menstruation or sex. However many doctors have denied the process of douching as it can lead to further infections sometimes. We will discuss it later.

All About Shower Heads

What does a showerhead do? It showers right?  Then how come a shower head can be douching? Well, if you put the shower stream into your vaginal area the water can get inside your vagina which can be like douching. It would be more understandable if we differentiate between showering and douching.

Douching Compared To Squirting

You must have heard about squirting. It is a female ejaculation that occurs before or at the time of orgasm. Squirting is also called the expulsion of fluid coming out from the urethra’s end. What happens in squirting? Fluid comes out. But in terms of douching, water goes upward to the vagina.

Usually, douching is done through a nozzle or tube. But some high-pressure shower heads can also mimic douching. However, if the shower head does not have high-pressure water like a nozzle or tubes for douching, that would be a gentler way.

Shower Heads Can Be Douching

You see in douching, water needs to go through the vagina by something like a shower team. If you position a shower head like that, it can somewhat do the job of douching.

A Shower Had Cannot Be Douching Completely

There is a lot of debate going on douching by a showerhead. Most people don’t consider a showerhead a medium of douching. Because the shower head does not exert as much pressure as a douching alternative can do. Besides, the pressure of the shower head is very mild. But still, it is doing the job of a douche to some extent, that’s why a group of people considered it douching.

Necessity Of Douching

Now it is time to know if douching is good or not. Most doctors have stated that douching can imbalance the healthy bacteria that a vagina has. This is a major cause of infection on that part. Moreover, losing the natural lubrication, having dryness, and so on in the vaginal area is common due to douching.

A Douche Is Not An Ideal Option

Usually, douches have stronger solutions and high pressure. Contrastingly, the shower head uses less pressure and a gentle solution. But if your shower head has high pressure of water and if you put that into your vagina then it would be douching. However, cleaning the delicate parts with mild pressure from the shower head is actually a good idea.

Risks Of Douching

Before you think of using a douche, we would like to make you certain about the risks of douching. For example, you are using your shower head to clean inside your vagina. When water gets inside it, that will force air into the body which can cause air embolism. If water somehow reaches the brain, lungs, or heart it can cause permanent damage to your body or even death.

Another risk due to douching could be yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.  This can be irritating to the vaginal tissues and disrupt the natural vaginal flora.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a showerhead have bacteria?

No doubt, shower heads give bacteria a good environment to grow. But don’t worry, they are completely harmless. It would be a rare case that harmful bacteria are present inside a showerhead that would lead to lung diseases.

Is water good for douching?

Douching is good when the pressure is low. And if you use water for it, that would be a cherry on top. It is because water is considered the safest option to clean the vulva area.

What is the difference between douching and showering?

Douching is like squirting where the water goes upwards into the vagina. It involves high pressure of water or solution. On the other hand, showering has a mild pressure of water. It is like a gentle bath to the body parts.

Final Thoughts

For those who are still contemplating- is using a shower head douching or not the answer is yes. Using a shower head is douching because the shower stream flows water as a douche should have.

The difference can be in the water pressure. Perhaps, a showerhead does not prevail as much pressure as a douche prevails. Moreover, shower heads have lots of tiny holes and jets which a douche does not have. So a shower head cannot do the job of doubt completely, but a little bit.

So this was all. Let us know if the content was helpful to you.

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