Does Shower Head Affect Water Pressure?

Does shower head affect water pressure? Yes, shower heads are also a reason to have high or low water pressure during a shower. Nowadays, the markets are offering options for shower heads for different applications. Alongside, placing a water pressure regulator can give you decreased water pressure, and removing it can give you high water pressure.

What type of shower head you are using is another determinant of increased or decreased water pressure.

Well, these are just the teasers of this concept. There is more to discuss. So have a look below to know more about shower heads and their water pressure.

Does Shower Head Affect Water Pressure?

No doubt, shower heads have a great role in increasing and decreasing water pressure. The first thing we all should know is, that the design of modern shower heads can affect the water pressure.

In fact, you will see in the market that some shower heads are designed for gentle rinse and some shower heads are made for massaging in the targeted areas. The applications vary because there are options in water pressure.

Sometimes, the water pressure coming from the main water source is the reason for having high or low water pressure. And sometimes the design of the shower head itself decides the water pressure.

Now let us see how the water pressure is affected by shower heads and water sources.

The Normal Water Pressure

Before we get to know the effect of a shower head on water pressure, we have first to understand the water pressure. Water pressure is the force measured in bars which go through the pihould get the minimum amount of water pressure. But that factor depends on many things. Like, the water usage in our surroundings, upgrading of the environment, distance from the water reservoir to your home, and so on.

Reasons For Having Low Water Pressure

Sometimes we get less water pressure than normal and the shower head is not the culprit. It can be because of the higher height of the shower head installation or a dirty shower head. Especially the dirt and scale in the pipes make the water pressure steady. Also, the plumbing issue can be the reason.

Even though you don’t have dirt and debris in your pipe works, the filter in the shower head can lead to low water pressure or blockage. It is because the filters fitted in showers attract scale.

Varieties Of Water Pressure In Shower Heads

The water pressure from a shower head can be high or low depending on the type of shower head. If you see, there are some shower heads that increase water pressure and some standard shower heads that decrease water pressure.

High Pressure Shower Heads Vs Low Pressure Shower Heads

A low pressure shower head has a flow reducer to direct the water flow. Besides, it has more holes and specialised holes that lessen the water pressure. Whereas, the high-pressure shower heads do not have many holes like standard shower heads and thus convey a high water flow. Or maybe you will need to remove the flow to get high water pressure from your shower head.

High Pressure Shower Heads

The two most common shower heads that are popular for providing high pressure are electric showers and mixers and digital showers. The water in electric showers does not need any adjustments. And the water pressure produced by an electric shower head is measured in kilowatts (KW).

In order to get more water pressure, you will need to raise the KW. So it is clear that the best shower head to increase water pressure would be an electric shower head.

Low-Pressure Shower Heads

There are variants of buttons in shower heads. As said before, a shower head prevails over high water pressure and a standard shower head prevails over low water pressure.

Standard shower heads like mixer taps, power showers, Combi Boiler Systems, and Gravity systems are standard showers. They need to be purchased with a stop button. And thus you will get lower water pressure.

Stop Button For Water Pressure

On the other hand, showery shower heads like- RVs, electric showers, and outdoor and camping showers don’t need a stop button. If you purchase like that, you will surely get high water pressure from your shower head. Not only the shower heads but also installing a shower pump can increase water pressure from all shower heads.

Rain Shower Head

Many well-known brands sell low-pressure shower heads. Like, Moen, Delta, Kohler, etc. The rain shower especially would be the best option to have a gentle shower with low-pressure water.

Getting High Water Pressure From Shower Heads

If you want to get a high pressure of water from your shower head, you need to opt for some tricks. For example, remove the flow regulator, unclog the holes of the shower head, repair the open valves, etc

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean shower heads to increase water pressure?

Cleaning a shower head is very important to have an increased flow of water. A mixture of water and vinegar would work. So take a bowl, pour one cup of vinegar and water. The texture should be watery. Then submerge the shower head into the bowl and let it sit for one day. Afterward, rinse the shower head with clean water and let it air dry.

How do high pressure shower heads work?

High pressure shower heads apply force at the tap. Besides, they have less holes than standard shower heads. Since a high pressure shower head eliminates the need of flow reducer, you can get an erect water flow.

How to increase water pressure in shower in apartment?

To increase the water pressure in a shower head, you need to first clean it. Then replace it with a high-pressure shower head like an electric shower head. Then install a shower pump and an invented cylinder. Don’t forget to attach a cold water accumulator tank. Lastly, install a power shower.

Wrapping Up

Those who were confused with does shower head affect water pressure or not, the answer is yes. Thanks to our modern innovations we have multiple options of shower heads with different water pressure. But it is never a flawed concept that there are other determinants of having high and low water pressure.

To get high water pressure you must opt for a showery shower head. And don’t forget to remove the flow reducer and clean the shower head. Again for low water pressure, go with a standard shower head and a flow regulator.

This was all. Thank you.

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